Compositub was founded in 1982 and immediately joined the SONOCO group in 1986. Compositub quickly became the national leader in the manufacture of cylindrical cardboard tubes. With over 1500 employees, the SONOCO group is composed by several companies that have activities around the paper. We have our own factories and recycling centers of paper and we manufacture cardboard tubes, cardboard cones for the textile industry, laminated cardboard cartons and pallets.

As a result of the need to increase its production capacity, in 1999 the group moved the Compositub's factory to its current installations in the Soldevila colony in Balsereny near Barcelona.

Today, Compositub exports its packaging to France, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom and has plans to continue to expand internationally.


Our continuous effort to ensure quality is essential to our ongoing collaboration with prestigious clients, as well as maintaining our competitive edge in the market place. As national leaders in the production of cylindrical packaging, our motto is: Service, Experience and Quality.


In Compositub, ongoing research is a priority in order to obtain the best materials that will lead to the development of better products while also displaying maximum respect for the environment. Compositub´s integration into the group SONOCO ensures that there are engineers who are continuously working to improve manufacturing processes and materials. We have developed our own production lines and also help our customers to do so. We undertake significant research not only into cardboard but also in cellulose, glue, aluminium complexes, paper closure systems and particularly in different kinds of closures such as heat-sealing or peel-off membranes.


cerificacion webCompositub containers are certified by BRC packaging certification.

BRC Global Standards are a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 22,000 certificated suppliers in 123 countries, with certification issued through a worldwide network of accredited certification bodies.