We offer versatility in terms of production volumes, diameters, heights, presentations and closing systems. We adapt our service to your needs in order to offer the best packaging for your product and differentiate it from the competition in the market.

We offer support during all stages, from design to the delivery of your package. Our products, which adhere to very strict deadlines, are environmentally friendly, green, light, protective and highly visual.

A responsive customer service, proven experience and the quality of our research are the pillars on which Compositub bases its success.


Our technology applied to the use of paper provides great versatility compared with other materials, in terms of quantities, closing systems and finish.

We are also able to offer various protective barriers on the body of the container, and different closing systems (Thermo sealed, Ring valve with membrane, Easy Open, etc). We can also offer tops and top covers in plastic, and metal, as well as borders and money box slot finish.

The main priority in Compositub is our ongoing research in order to obtain improved and increasing materials, to produce better products while always respecting the environment. Some of the materials we use are kraft, cellulose, glue, aluminium complexes, closing systems in paper, tin and plastic, blank paper (Contours, Countryside, Rigolettos, Stratakolours, etc) thermo sealed membranes, peel-off, ...

Our products can be used in a variety of sectors including: Catering, Food industry, Dietetics, Cocoa and soluble, Phytosanitary, Stationery, Perfume industry, Jewellery, Marketing...


In relation to canisters it's important to emphasize the wide variety of papers which can be used in the creation of the labels, as well as the different colours, stampings, and reliefs that could be applied.

The closing systems can be customized with polychrome, relief and also with barcode and ecopoint lithographs.

These products are essentially used in areas such as the bottle industry, cosmetics, or promotional products to name just a few.
Our products are practical, ecological, light, durable and visually appealing. We also pride ourselves on strict delivery times and competitive pricing. Our containers are flexible both in terms of production, diameter and height, as well as in the make-up and closing systems.

Banisters (Bag in Canister)

We have added the beauty and protection afforded by a robust canister to the practical nature and efficiency of aluminium bags with tap, in order to obtain a modern and efficient container. In addition, we can offer our patented closing system, enabling customers to use this attractive packaging without the need for any investment in machinery.

Imagine placing your product inside the bag, this bag then inside a perfectly sealed canister and sending it directly to the customer, who will just need to retrieve the tap in order to easily and ergonomically pour the product inside.

Carbord Pallets

Taking advantage of its extensive experience in the cardboard and paper products industry, Compositub has developed TEXPAL cardboard pallets. This product offers our clients the possibility to employ an efficient and safe form of transport.

Our pallets are:

  • Customizable in dimensions and appearance.
  • Light but resistant
  • Clean, hygienic and phytosanitary
  • Cost effective
  • Ergonomic and safe
  • Recyclable